Provide a one-stop high-quality intelligent WiFi audio solutions to brand manufacturers and Internet content provider, creating a intelligent hardware ecosystem with partners.

WIFI intelligent audio module

The size of module is 46mm X 70mm, integrates 802.11 b/g/n frequency range and complete TCP/IP protocol stack, can remotely transfer wireless audio data and throughput high-bit data; With double DSP Audio Codec, integrated PLL, support different functions like all lossless music decoding, DSP dynamic effect processing and 13 EQ balancing to create excellent audio system. Support AirPlay. DLNA. Qplay etc. Wireless audio sharing agreement; Rich and flexible peripheral interface configuration; can work in AP/STATION mode; Suitable for IOS/Android system users; Strong module expansion, good for manufacturers to define their own wifi audio products. Supporting app is specially designed for wifi intelligent audio products, it support one key configuration, music content search, end-product control and sound effect customize.The module is mainly used to help our customers to define their own wifi soundbox, soundbar, kalaOk and other sound devices.

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Wireless intelligent lighting audio module

The module is specially designed for wireless intelligent lighting audio products with its excellent performance and low cost. It includes independent system control MCU, convenient for personalized external interface;integrated independent 8 TX/RX data transmission channel, which can realize the transmitter/receover function for Wireless Audio;at the same time, it can transfer data through superposition CW to control and operate multi terminals. It also integrates a low power consumption Bluetooth 4.0, so mobile can control at most 8 lighting audio terminals via Bluetooth to fast realize control and transmission of one to many. Supporting BitLink APP is specially designed for wireless lntelligent lighting audio products: it supports Dual mode protocol,grouping of of multiple lighting audio terminal, group control, one to many light distribution, color adjusting, and one key standby / wake up function. The module is mainly used to help our customers to define multi-channel, multi-rooms and multi-occasions lighting audio products

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Multi channel wireless intelligent audio module

It is a kind of multi-channel high-performance Wireless Audio audio module specially designed for multi-channel, multi-channel home audio and video system. It uses domestic advanced wireless interference strategy , so that the system can resist various wireless interference, ensure that the system connection will be long-time stable and reliable ; Sound track delay less than 20us, the minimum delay 20ms system can , improve user experience; targeted optimization according to the features of audio transmission protocol .The module is integrated with independent 8 I2S TX/RX audio data channel, each one support limited to 192KHz/24Bit PCM data stream transmission, can easily transfer Dolby 5.1/7.1 channel data. Supporting BitBox APP is specially designed for multi-channel wireless intelligent audio products, it supports multi-channel configuration, music channel grouping and some other functions. The module is mainly used to help our customers to define high-quality home video system products

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Wireless intelligent voice assistant module

The module integrates a main control chip MCU up to 1GHz, support decoding of not only standard format such as MP3, WMV, but also Flac, APE, AAC etc.It also supports limited to 1TB USB interface, rich external interface; integrated Domestic advanced local speech recognition engine and keywords engine wake-up, supports cloud speech recognition engine docking. It can also control By keyword wake-up or natural speech , such as music content search, music play, weather query, specific content inquiries. The module is mainly used to help our customers to define their own Wireless intelligent voice assistant.

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