• Wireless intelligent voice assistant module

    Domestic advanced local speech recognition engine and keywords engine wake-up engine; support Cloud speech recognition engine; Owns a main control chip MCU up to 1GHz; rich external interface


  • WIFI intelligent lighting audio module

    Support mobile control maximum 8 lighting audio ends Support programming multi-lighting audio ends, simply one key stand-by/wake-up


  • Wireless intelligent audio module

    can remotely transfer wireless audio data and throughput high-bit data and create a excellent audio system;Rich and flexible peripheral interface configuration


  • Multi channel wireless intelligent audio module

    It uses domestic advanced wireless interference strategy; ensure that the audio signal channel synchronization;it supports multi-channel configuration, music channel grouping and some other functions.


Module features

Frombit Technology is developing series wireless internet audio products: WIFI wireless intelligent terminal player directly to the consumers, WIFI wireless intelligent audio module/ muti-channel wireless audio module directly to the manufacturing enterprises, application software named "Bitbox"for controlling and playing wireless intelligent audio terminal, which can not only configurate playing terminal, but also can push online music to wifi wireless terminal player.

APP Features
  • Reliable&flexible wifi network

    Support PC, mobile, tablets remotely transfer music signal to audio system without loss

  • Massive music

    Xiami, Ximalaya, Kugoo, TT player and some other music platforms

  • Intelligent voice control


  • personalized users setting

    Support functions like my collection, music source switch and recently played list.

  • Intelligent management control for the devices

    Manage online content playing, sound effect setting and multi-music sources controlling

  • Massive Clound music

    Users can personalized Cloud data backup, customize push notification and collection

    ZONGSON is a high-tech audio company focusing on private theater stereo equipment, intelligent theater and Karaoke stereo equipment, smart living room theater stereo equipment and KTV entertainment stereo equipment. With the help of Frombit wireless audio module, ZONGSON developed a series of cost-effective Karaoke products like private theater stereo equipment, intelligent theater and Karaoke stereo equipment, smart living room theater stereo equipment and KTV entertainment stereo equipment.
  • SF-1501
    Yunsheng SF-1501 is a wireless WIFI smart voice speaker products, which is independently researched and developed by Frombit Technology. It supports different functions like lossless audio decoding, mutli-audio input, STA wireless transmission, one-key-configuration, incoming call voice reminder and much-to-one control and share etc..At the same time, it equipped with a professional audio decoder chip of dual-core DSP, installed 2 2 inch 8 varnay magnetic full frequency speaker, supports up to 7.1 channels of audio decoding and 2 stereo outputs with its oval light luxury appearance, small size and a strong theater level sound.
  • iBass
    Ibass fever series voice speaker is famous for its simple but stylish appearance and excellent sound performance in western countries. Frombit Technology and iBass jointly invented the WIFI intelligent wireless soundbar by using popular intelligent WiFi technology. As well as its excellent sound performance, it also get a lot of Internet plus elements. Its best price and excellent sound performance may surprise you more.
  • Wireless home theater system
    A anonymous enterprise is facing “ poor sound effect”technical difficulty. They tried “split-type design”for the first time in color TV industry by dividing color TV into two parts: TV screen and TV audio. Its independent stereo equipment uses Frombit 5.1 wireless audio module to create perfect sound effect. The equipment can connect with any TV for network distribution , which can be considered as the real intelligent home theater system.
  • Projector cinema systems
    A anonymous enterprise, for a better user experience, is cooperating with Frombit by using its multi-channel wireless intelligent audio module to create a wireless home theater system.